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Disciplinary Procedure

In the event that REPSSA receives a complaint (all complaints are logged on the website: the REPSSA board shall investigate the complaint

Complaints can be made by the following:

  • members of the public
  • members of REPSSA; and
  • education providers

Nature of the complaints can include:

  • complaints about REPSSA members; and
  • complaints about accredited education providers

If the board finds that any of the above persons registered shall be guilty of a breach of the Code of Conduct, the REPSSA board may take disciplinary action

Any alleged professional misconduct or avoidance of compliance with the Terms of Membership of the Register will be referred to the REPSSA board which will consider any need for action

The appropriate authority (ies) will deal with any criminal allegations.

In terms of any disciplinary action taken REPSSA may after due inquiry:

  • suspend or terminate the membership of any member
  • reprimand or issue a formal warning; or
  • take such other action as REPSSA consider an appropriate and proportionate to the issues raised

In the event that any party to an alleged mis‐conduct is dissatisfied with a decision of The REPSSA board, he or she may lodge an appeal (Please see Appeals Process)