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Frequently Asked Questions

REPPSA is the registered Professional Body of the Fitness Industry which recognises the qualifications and expertise of Exercise Professionals in South Africa

Select the “Apply Now link and complete the online form in full. You will receive an e-mail from us which you need to sign and scan to your profile or email back to our office email: Attached to this document, you will be asked to include copies of all your certificates of your qualifications, proof of payment, and proof of a Valid First Aid qualification.

Click on “Accredited Training Providers” this is a full list of all the accredited colleges and courses

Please note: Accredited training Providers – offer first-year registration Fee for individuals.

Get your Training provider to contact us.

Please see the list of accredited training providers that offer RPL.


Many REPs members choose to display their contact details within the Members Directory.

2-3 weeks (if all documents and payment has been received)


As an Exercise professional and member of the Register, keeping your skills and knowledge up to date is vitally important. Personal or professional development is seen as being complementary to how you develop your career and is seen as an important principle of professionalising the health and fitness industry. To deliver the services that clients expect and demand, personal development should be taken seriously. This is what we call CPD – Continuing Professional Development.

You will need to meet certain requirements on an annual basis to keep your CPD count to a minimum of 12 points. A CPD count of less than 12 points will negatively affect your Full Membership status.

CPD/CEC/CEU are all the same concept. It just depends on the company/organisation/bodies choice in what they are called and how they are valued and measured. Example: A CEU in the USA may be of a value of 0.2. But in the UK, the same course has a CPD value of 8. Each organisation/venue, etc will have their own measure of criteria. In order for the CPD points to be valid with REPSSA, they will need to have completed the CPD application and awarded points.

You need to click the ‘CPD Endorsement’ link, and ensure you have the following info:

  • Name of organisation
  • Title of training/programme/course
  • Contact Name at the organisation
  • Contact email address
  • Facilitators Name/s
  • Facilitator’s membership number (for the relevant professional body)
  • Length of course in Hours (class contact hours)
  • Accreditation number of organisation (if applicable) o Brief description of the training
  • Objectives of the course and Lesson plan
  • Main aims and learning outcomes
  • Assessment criteria listed o Minimum admission requirements
  • CV’s for all facilitators

An annual fee per course submitted is R2000, this cost includes:

  • Review of the course
  • Inclusion of the course on the REPs “CPD endorsed” section of the website
  • Advertising in our News letter

Once your CPD course has been REPSSA endorsed there will be an annual renewal fee


REPSSA administration staff collects the data. The data is then transcribed onto a confidential feedback form. All relevant documents are then sent to the REPSSA board members on a rotation schedule (Board members adhere to a Privacy Policy). The Board member then ensures all the relevant information is correct and assessed. Thereafter CPD points are allocated accordingly.

CPD courses and points will be assessed to the following criteria:

  • The number of hours of the course
  • The number of actual contact time (time spent with a facilitator)
  • The assessments that are completed for the course
  • The facilitator’s knowledge and experience in the subject
  • If the facilitator is registered with a relevant Professional body
  • The outcomes and objectives of the course
  • The relevance of the material to the Fitness Professional

As a rough guideline (this is subject to change with reference to the above), points are awarded as follows:

  • 1 point for every contact hour if assessed
  • ½ point for every hour if no assessment over 1 day
  • Facilitator/s must be a subject matter expert


Once REPSSA has received all required documents and payment the application will be submitted to an independent party for assessment. The process can take up to 3 weeks.

Accredited Qualification Mapping Process

If you are a Training Provider that has obtained accreditation from a QA and wish to add it to the REPSSA list of accredited training providers, the below is the process required for submission:

Find the document called “mapping document” below which you will need to download.

Please complete the relevant document for the relevant Professional Designation application:

It is recommended before you apply that you have the below available:

  • Accreditation Number and Documentation
  • Title of program
  • Contact Name at the organisation
  • Contact email address
  • Completed Mapping document
  • Professional Designation you are applying for

There is a once-off fee per qualification submitted R2000 the cost includes:

  • Review of the mapping for the qualification
  • If approved:
  • Listing on website
  • Advertising in our Newsletter

REPSSA administration staff collects the data. The data is then transcribed onto a confidential feedback form. All relevant documents are then sent to the REPSSA board members on a rotation schedule (Board members adhere to a Privacy Policy). The Board member then ensures all the relevant information is correct and assessed. Thereafter feedback is given.

Once REPSSA has received all required documents the application will be submitted to the REPSSA board for verification. The board meetings are held quarterly.

For a CC, Pty Ltd or Sole Proprietor the REPS fee is tax deductible. For a person who invoices their employer it is also tax deductible on the basis that they deduct expenses to generate income on their tax return. For someone earning a fixed salary – the employer would have to pay the fee and handle as a salary sacrifice to reduce tax.

You will be granted a membership status of ‘Conditional’ for the first 12 months, wherein you will be required to do one or all of the following:

  • CPD: complete the annual CPD requirement
  • RPL: (Recognition of Prior Learning)
  • An assessment at an accredited provider

*Please note this process is not applicable if you are applying for International Portability

Get your Training Provider to contact us.


You would need to obtain a Letter of Portability from the Country you obtained the qualification in. Please see the list of ICREPS worldwide:

There after you would apply for your REPSSA membership by clicking on “Apply Now”

Conditional means the Fitness professional is eligible to register but there may be the following issues with the qualification:

  • It may be old
  • It may not have been completed in this country
  • It might not be accredited

This means you have registered and received your membership number to complete your employment. However, REPSSA have not received all your valid documents and have not been able to verify your application.


This means you meet the International REPs standard and have all your current documents up to date.

General Public Liability (minimum R5 000 000.00) To indemnify the Insured for their legal liability arising out of death or bodily injury to any person or damage to any property or any other loss associated with the activities of the Insured’s business and including all costs and expenses of litigation. Professional Indemnity (minimum R5 000 000.00) “Indemnifies the Insured against all sums which the Insured may become legally liable.