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CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Policy

Table of contents:

1. Definition
2. Objectives
3. Members Responsibility
4. Measurement of CPD
5. Reporting period of the CPD by the member
6. Record-keeping of the CPD
7. Monitoring
8 Exceptions and Disciplinary action and Sanctions for the member not complying Member CPD Process

1. Definition

As an Exercise professional and member of the Register, keeping your skills and
knowledge up to date is vitally important. Personal or professional development is
seen as being complementary to how you develop your career and is seen as an
important principle of professionalising the health and fitness industry.

2. Objectives

The objective of CPD is to maintain high standards of professionalism within a specific
industry and to ensure that knowledge is translated into best practice. CPD should contribute
to the following areas of development: Maintenance of professional competence.

3. Member’s Responsibility

The member is to ensure they obtain 12 CPD points within the 12-month cycle. All
certificates pertaining to any CPD course attended to be submitted to REPSSA office.

4. Measurement of CPD

The REPSSA membership system keeps record of all CPD points obtained by member.
REPSSA will verify that the certificate submitted is a CPD endorsed Couse and points are

5. Reporting period of CPD by the member

The member has 12 months to submitted CPD obtained certificates to ensure the minimum
of 12 CPD points have been obtained.

6. Record-Keeping of the CPD

The REPSSA member will submit the certificate of the CPD course attended onto their
REPSSA profile (Document Repository)

7. Monitoring

The REPSSA system has each members CPD points logged to each member profile.

8. Exemptions and disciplinary action and sanctions if members
do not comply

The REPSSA member is sent a renewal reminder in a 12-month cycle.
On renewal if the required minimum CPD points of 12 have not been obtained it will affect
the status of a member to “Conditional”
Member CPD Process:
Step 1
An active REPSSA member will need to meet certain requirements on an annual basis to
keep the CPD count to a minimum of 12 points.
Step 2
The member can Search on REPSSA website for CPD endorsed course
Step 3
Attend one of the courses that is REPSSA endorsed and has the REPSSA logo of endorsed
Step 4
Member to upload Certificate of completion to their REPSSA online profile
Step 5
REPSSA Administrator to allocate the CPD points and add the qualification to members
Step 6
REPSSA member is now able to Renew their membership when due, as completed the
minimum of 12 CPD points.
Should a member not have obtained the 12 CPD points it will affect their membership status
on renewal.