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Appeals Policy

All members have the right to appeal against decisions which are deemed as not following the correct procedures


  1. There was an administrative flaw at some point in the process
  2. The Board did not follow correct procedures
  3. There is evidence of inappropriate or irregular behaviour by the board


  1. When the member does not agree with the outcome, they have 14 days to object
  2. The objection is to be raised in the form of a written complaint within 14 days of the outcome
  3. The objection must be marked for the ‘Chairman of REPSSA’
  4. The member must state their reason for the objection and provide evidence for the above grounds
  5. The Chairman and members of the board will review the process
  6. The findings of the review will be made available within 7 workings day
  7. These findings are final, no further investigation will take place


  1. Suspension or termination may be over turned
  2. The reprimand or formal warning may be retracted
  3. An apology will be issued