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Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning is a process whereby people’s prior learning can be formally recognised in terms of registered qualifications and unit standards, regardless of where and how the learning was attained.

RPL acknowledges that people never stop learning, whether it takes place formally at an educational institution, or whether it happens informally.

The process of RPL is as follows:

  • Identifying what a person knows and can do;
  • Matching the person’s knowledge, skills and experience to specific standards and the associated assessment criteria of a qualification;
  • Assessing the learning against those standards; and
  • Crediting the person for skills, knowledge and experience built up through formal, informal and non-formal learning that occurred in the past

In practice what this means is that a learner or an employee’s non-traditional or non-formal experience and learning can be recognised. The RPL assessment is mostly summative in nature with formative assessment done only to a learner where further action is taken after the advisory session. The assessment of candidates is done against the same unit standards and exit level outcomes of qualifications using the same assessment criteria as for other full-time learners.

What is demanded of a full-time learner has to be met fully by an RPL learner during assessment.

Assessment of RPL learners can be on a one to one basis or even on group basis just like full time learners. If 50% is demanded as a pass mark for full time learners, the same should apply for RPL learners.

Certificates obtained through RPL should be the same as those obtained through full time learning to prevent discrimination of the RPL learners. However, recording of RPL learners and their achievements should be kept by the respective ETQAs and providers involved. This will help track the success or failure of RPL implementation in South Africa

Many of our Accredited Training Providers provide RPL.

Please contact us so we can help you get in touch with them.

What do I need?

To apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for the National Certificate in Fitness, use this checklist to identify if you have all the required evidence for assessment. If you have evidence as indicated below, please tick YES, if you do not have evidence tick NO. If you do not have the evidence indicated, then your portfolio will not meet the qualification’s assessment criteria. However, you can top-up your portfolio by completing any relevant modules. If you feel that you have the knowledge and skills to meet the requirements of the Exit Level Outcomes of the qualification, but you do not have the evidence, then you take a knowledge test or you can complete an assignment to provide the necessary evidence. Note that in some instances, a written or oral exam is required as well as the evidence you submit. Once submitted, your portfolio of evidence is assessed by a registered assessor to ensure that it meets the qualification’s assessment criteria. Please check with your accredited provider for more details. Download ChecklistNote: Please note if you do not meet the requirements listed, you will not be considered as an RPL candidate

The below institutions provide the Recognition of Prior Learning service:

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