We at REPSSA believe in the following rights for the public:

  • The right to understand the scope of practise of the Fitness Professional
  • The right to professional service
  • The right to understand what level your Personal Trainer/Fitness Professional is at
  • The right to get what you paid for
  • The right to not be mislead or be falsely advertised to
  • The right to voice a complaint
  • The right to ensure the complaint gets investigated thoroughly
  • The right to ensure that your Fitness Professional is sufficiently qualified, competent and have the skills required for their scope of practice
  • The right to know that your Fitness Professional has the correct documentation and what is missing from their portfolio
  • The right to know your Personal Trainer/Fitness Professional has a current CPR certificate
  • The right to ensure that your Health and Safety comes first
  • The right to ensure that your Fitness Professional sticks to the Code of Conduct of REPSSA
  • The right to freedom of choice to pick and change your Fitness Professional


We at REPSSA believe that our members have the following rights:

  • The right to gain access to World class education
  • The right to have qualifications recognised internationally
  • The right to not be mislead by education providers
  • The right to receive recognition for the work and studies that has been done
  • The right to receive benefits for being a member of REPSSA
  • The right to privacy of information
  • The right to be kept up to date with new developments in the Fitness industry
  • The right to be able to voice your concern/opinion on matters that affect you
  • The right to not train a member that you are not comfortable with