International Portability

Take advantage of International Portability!

If you are looking to work Internationally you will need to become a member of the respective International Register of Exercise Professionals.

International Fitness Registers and Standards Portability Table

If you hold SA qualifications, the easiest way to use your qualifications overseas is to obtain a ‘letter of portability’ from us. We will verify your qualifications and send you confirmation of your categories of registration that you are eligible to achieve in the SA.

Taking this proof to the international Register of your choice will allow you to register with them and be awarded the corresponding category.

To apply for a letter of portability you will need to be a REPSSA member.

If you are not currently a REPSSA member you will be required to apply. You application is done online at:

For the application you will need:

  • Scanned copies of your industry qualifications
  • Payment method – either a credit/debit card of EFT

Once all the documents and payment have been completed and verified by REPSSA, REPSSA will issue you with a certificate; this is the document that will be used as a portability letter.

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International Confederation of Registers for Exercise Professionals (ICREPS)